VW Golf - leaking radiator connection - andrew4
I have a VW Mk 2 Golf 1300.

I am getting a coolant leak from the radiator bottom hose connection. I replaced the bottom hose and clip but it still leaks.

When I tighten the hose clip the leak gets much worse. Is the actual radiator male connector faulty? if so do I need to replace the radiator?

I've got some price quotes; A VW radiator is approx £110, whereas an equivalent radiator from Halfords is approx £50. Is there any difference in quality?

VW Golf - leaking radiator connection - Civic8
Probably a daft question.have you checked for any carp at any point around the male conn.as if there is wont matter how tight you make it it will still leak.if all is clean may be the conn is slightly oval or small crack in it.just a thought.
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VW Golf - leaking radiator connection - Cyd
You don't want to tighten those hose clips too much or you'll distort the rad (same goes for inlet pipes on throttle bodies - it can stop the butterfly closing properly).

Sounds like you may have a split in the rad connection which opens up more as you tighten the clip. If the rad is in otherwise good nick try using a splodge of P38 body filler. Otherwise I'd go with the Halfords rad.

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