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Battery replacement - the sequel ... - Darcy Kitchin
Some feedback on the extremely complex battery changing manoeuvre. The thought of trying to support the car's electronics using an old battery and some crocodile clips made me nervous so I made my own "memory saver" out of a redundant mains mobile phone charger (11.75 smooth volts, kind to electronics) and cigar-lighter plug with a built-in 2A fuse. Exact details, e-mail me.

Put the ign key to the aux position so the cigar lighter was "live", switched everything else off, (had to tape the interior light switch; the Synergie doesn't have an official *off* position), plugged in the "memory saver", disconnected battery, parked the positive terminal in an old rubber glove, reconnected new battery and everything worked afterwards.

Another minor victory for DIY :-)
Re: Battery replacement - the sequel ... - ladas are cool
good for you, its good to know that the dealers cant get all of us.
Re: Battery replacement - the sequel ... - David W
You crafty chap.

Re: Battery replacement - the sequel ... - Derek
Nice one, well done. Yes, I'm interested in the details, if you could e-mail them please. I happen to have an old cigar-socket mobile phone charger.
Mine is a 406 and shouldn't be due a new battery yet a while, but forewarned is fore-armed!
Re: Battery replacement - the sequel ... - ROBIN
Has anyone noticed that batteries only last 3 years these days?
We once had a ford in the family that was much abused by mother and brother
and the battery was still going strong when we sold the remains of the car after 11 years.
In the last 5 years I've bought four batteries.I am not sure that I bought any at all in the preceeding 30.
Is there a scandal here?
have invested in some of the stuff HJ has mentioned.

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