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VW Polo Query? - Tony Pallet
I drive a new Y reg 1.0 litre VW Polo 3 door and was wondering whether there are any cheap and reasonable modifications i can make to it to improve its performance? It is a brilliant car but just lacks a bit of poke!


Re: VW Polo Query? - ladas are cool
the only modification i can think of is, sell the 1.0 litre, and get a 1.3 litre version.
Re: VW Polo Query? - Lee H
I guess that's the problem with 1.0litre and a stronger heavier car.

However, I know that some older Vauxhalls can get astonishing performance by the simple addition of front fog lights, a baseball cap (worn backwards) and a MAX POWER sticker on the rear window.

I was going to try it with my underpowered Xantia, but not sure I can handle the G force! ;)

Hope someone who actually knows about cars can help!
Re: VW Polo Query? - ladas are cool
dont forget that a 400 watt radio makes you go faster, along with a bodykit.
Re: VW Polo Query? - me
racing air filter instead of the normal bit of paper job is the normal place to start for moderate cash, you wont end up with a racing car though!
Re: VW Polo Query? - Tony Pallet
You must remember however that for an improvement in performance the fog lights must always be on, even if not foggy.

Being called Trev, Kev, Lee or Scot may also help performance!

Re: VW Polo Query? - Lee H

you cheeky sod.

Re: VW Polo Query? - Guy Lacey
Stick a G40 mota in it.

Then upr8 the brakes!
Re: VW Polo Query? - Richard Hall
Seriously, this query shows that the old days of tuning for more power are gone. You can't just bolt a second hand twin choke Weber, lumpy Piper cam and freeflow exhaust manifold on it, because of the emissions regulations. I suppose you could strip out all the soundproofing, drill holes everywhere to lighten the bodyshell and fit Perspex side windows, but I can't see it making that much difference, and it won't do much for the resale value..... And I bet no-one does a tuning chip for it.

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