Xenon light dipping abroad - smokie
Hi people

I have Xenon lights (Omega MV6), how do I go about dipping them to the other side for foreign driving? Someone told me it might be as simple as a swicth somewhere but I can't find anything.

Xenon lamps - David Lacey
On the Rover 75 with Xenon lamps, there is a lever to switch the lamp for continental use.
Best try your local Vauxhall dealer for advice, I wouldn't like to think of the cost of replacing a broken lamp unit :-)

Re: Xenon light dipping abroad - Andy P
Could you not simply replace the Xenon bulbs with normal halogen ones?

Re: Xenon light dipping abroad - Andy Bairsto
he could but he would still have to change the dip for europe,in answer to David the xenon cost about 600uk to replace.
Re: Xenon light dipping abroad - Robert
No, no, no!!!

These lights arc over @ 25,000 volts and then run @ 90 volts. Normal bulbs won't fit and if they did would last only a second or so - and destroy the electronics driving them.

I'd use the stick on deflectors available for a few pounds.
Re: Xenon light dipping abroad - Honest John
I've been told by Honda that you can't use the usual technique of turning the load beam adjuster to point the beams down at the ground. Seems that cars factory fitted with Xenon lights have to have automatic load beam height adjusters.

Re: Xenon light dipping abroad - Paul Wornell
I have a new Espace with xenons (reg 1/1/2001). Have asked Renault UK this question and they did not know. They refered question to Renault France and they did not know. Renault France refered back to headlight manufacturer 6 months ago but claim not to have had a reply. Renault UK very embarrased. So if you want to drive in France don't buy a Renault.

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