Breaking keyfob on Golf - Ben79
My boss had a right good moan at me about her Golf (51 or 02 reg, can't remember).

The biggest upset she has is that the silver painted plastic on the keyfob is so weak that both keyfobs have broken. Dealer says they all do that and it has been improved. Does anyone know if a replacement cover is available.

She also moaned about creaking noises from the dash that have been cured with foam and about the dealer not resetting the service computer. It took a trip back to the dealer to get the service meter reset (once the staff finished their private conversations).

She was impressed by the build quality of the key for my C5 though.

Breaking keyfob on Golf - Avant
It happened to me - dealer replaced it free without quibble under the 3-year guarantee. They might need both keys anyway as I think they re-programmed them.

I wasn't too upset as that and the N/S windscreen washer were the only things that went wrong in 2.5 years. People complain about Golf reliablity getting worse - mine was an estate, built in Germany. It may be that the hatchbacks that are built in South Africa have more problems.

I'd have had another but my wife was never completely confortable in it so I was pesuaded to go for an A4 Avant 2.5 TDI - also excellent.
Breaking keyfob on Golf - Mad Maxy
Not sure what the keyfob is... The key on my Golf was the same as on my current A4 Audi Avant (2.0 FSI DD...). The body did come apart too easily but it sapped back together again and nothing ever broke.

My V-reg GT TDI 110 did 52K with only a couple of things fixed under warranty. No creaks or rattles: I was v impressed with the build quality. DDs point about SA vs German build could be relevant. C-class Merc saloons built in SA are apparently inferior to the estates build in der vaterland.

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