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There was a minor bump in the centre of Weybridge today. I heard it happen. A new shape Espace taxi appeard to have gone into the back of a Mk III Golf. No discernable damage, but someone may have been either knocked over in the street or injured inside one of the cars. All this took place on the yellow cross hatching outside Barclays Bank. First a police motorcyclst turned up to the scene. Then a Volvo (area car?). Then a plain wrapper Astra, which parked on the wrong side of the road facing the two damaged cars. Then a police Transit van (which blocked the side road opposite and the pavement by parking at the entrance to the side road). Then another police Volvo with its lights flashing because it couldn\'t get into the side road blocked by the police van. While it\'s good to know they\'re there if we need them, can anyone tell me why one minor bump required the attendance of five police vehicles? (There may have been a very good reason; if so, what was it?) I didn\'t hang around to watch or anything. This little drama unfolded bit by bit while I was going about my business in the town.

Police Activity or Organised Chaos? - Adam {P}
I would be asking who was the driver of the Golf? Someone dangerous perhaps?
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it may be due to surrey being the 2nd safest county in england & wales (1st is powys, wales). either it is the so afe because there are so many police or there are too many police for such a safe county.

my sleep is inturrupted regularly by the police helicopter hovering in circles late at night in the area between ashley-park and rydens-estates.
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NOT digging at the police! They are managed not led, they meet performance indicators (targets in plain english) rather than doing the things the public might like (foot patrols etc). They are all over the place when you don't want them (football matches) and they aren't where you want them, enforcing driving standards on motorways and turning out to burglaries and vandalism. It is not their fault, they do what they are told and what they are doing is not what the public wants them to do, IMHO
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Big problem now for the police are mobile phones. A few years ago the participants in a metal reshaping bump would move the cars to the side of the road, exchange details and drive off. Nowdays one or more of the contestants is on the mobile hysterically screaming for the police, making a minor event sound like 9/11 causing the controller to despatch half the county force to the scene.

Was in Romford a few years back and held up in a long queue while two cars blocked a major junction after a minor rear ender. A police van screamed to the scene, blues and twos going like mad, came to a stop and despatched a massive West Indian pc who took one look, motioned No-Way with his arms and got back into the van and drove off! More power to him, only thing he done wrong was in not booking the caller for wasting police time and causing an obstruction.
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The problem is the info passed to the police. Any mention of possible injury will raise the grade of the response. Until the police can asses the situation then it has to be treated as serious-never believe what the public tell you until you see it with your own eyes. A massive accident to one person is a minor shunt to another.

Likleyhood was that two cars were sent, and others in the area drifted that way in case it was serious. Once the scene is checked and decided it isn't serious you may well find a few more police have turned up as they were in the area.
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HJ, the local Surrey traffic depot is just round the corner, near St Peters hospital. Any bump within three miles of there then all area traffic cars in NW surrey respond hoping to get near base for some "refs" (tea break)

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