Nissan Maxima - Tim Allcott
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I'm looking at a Nissan Maxima on a 'K'plate 3.0litre V6
all the toys.
It's an auto, and has towbar with twin socket on the back, so it's probably been used for towing a van. 108K miles, and looks tidy.
Am I right in thinking that an engine of that size should tow with no trouble (I don't want to use it for that, tho') and how can I tell if the auto box is O.K.? Do Nissan build good auto boxes?
Car on offer @ 995.
I know it's silly, but it looks fun! (also good as a 'Q' car)
Is HJ right? is this the 200bhp engine?
Re: Nissan Maxima - T lucas
Fab car,great engine,good auto box,no money!
Re: Nissan Maxima - Alwyn
Do Nissan's still rust as they used to when I owned a 1984 Laurel?

As you say, lovely 6 cylinder engine. Mechanics used to call each other over to listen to it when MOT time arrived.

Sadly missed.
Re: Nissan Maxima - T lucas
Rust seemed to become less of an issue on Jap cars after about 1984,and certainly no problem these days.
Re: Nissan Maxima - richard turpin
Brilliant car. Loads of oompf and reliable BUT the heater matrix can leak directly onto the ECU which is £1200 plus from Nissan. I got one fron 5 star spares for £250. Save yourself the trouble. Access is via the passenger footwell, its in the centre of the car on the transmission tunnel. Put a plastic bag over it. Potential problem CURED. They don't rust.
Re: Nissan Maxima - pete
My father bought an ex-fleet one, best car he has ever owned (after years of Sierras/Granadas). Pretty economical (about 30mpg, tyres last 40000 miles, after 110000 miles its still on the original exhaust), comfy, lots of toys, goes fast (plenty fast) and makes a nice noise. But after 90-something thousand miles and 8 years of dealer servicing the auto box rolled over and died. Definitely wasn't expecting that one - we've had Sierras go through 150000 miles with less problems. The radio aerial broke at some point, it eats rear brake pads (dad had never changed a set of pads before he got this car) and parts can be a pain to get - the trick appears to be finding someone whose parts book actually lists a Maxima. And the finish on the alloy wheels looks crap quickly. But who cares. Absolute belter of a car, very exclusive, lovely and anonymous, doesn't look particularly dated and you can buy them for relative peanuts (if you can find one). And the chances appear to be about 9 in 10 that it will have been owned by a well heeled pensioner and therefore been looked after better than most peoples first born child.

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