Omega cutting-out problems - Steve
Has anyone else got problems with their Vauxhall Omega cutting-out whilst in motion/stand-still?

This really is irritating as I love the car and would like to get the car LPG converted. But I'm afraid to invest money into LPG conversion before i can cure the cutting out problem. My car serviced every 8k miles and has been fitted with a new idle air control valve and problem persists.

Can anyone suggest a cure?

Re: Omega cutting-out problems - Robert
Which engine is it? My 3.0 V6 does this sometimes - but certainly not enough to cause a problem - maybe once every 3 weeks or so.
Re: Omega cutting-out problems - Guy Lacey
Eh? A car of this nature cutting out every three weeks or so considered as OK?

This sounds dodgy and nowhere near acceptable but I haven't got a clue I'm afraid!

Does it have an auto-box? Could this be sending a fail signal to the ECU?
ecotec engines - markymarkn
is the engine by chance an ecotec engine?

my bro drives a cavalier 2.0 ecotec and has had many problems with it cutting out when and where it likes. He's had all the stuff the vauxhall muppets told him to do, including 3 cam shaft sensors, breather mod, idle air control valve, and other stuff and its still doing it. He's currently in 'discussion' with vauxhall after spending loads of money to find it exactly the same.

if it isnt an ecotec, i'll just shut up.
Re: ecotec engines - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
See the many,many,many previous threads............................
Re: Omega cutting-out problems - Steve
Further to the above, the car cuts out in motion at low revs and before cutting out at stand-still the revs increase to between 1000-2000rpm.

There must be a simple cure without disposing of the car.

Re: Omega cutting-out problems - Steve
The Omega is 2.0ltr Auto with ecotec engine.

Re: Omega cutting-out problems - John Slaughter
Sounds like classic Ecotec idle speed control valve problem. At least a clean or more likely a replacement. As Andrew says, check for previous threads.



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