Cheap New Cars - advice needed - Robin
I have just been to a car dealer that sells a range of new and used cars (not a main dealer) The bloke tried to get me interested in a brand new Fiat Bravo 1.2 SX 16v for £7,000. The list price of this car is about £10,500. The bloke promises me that this car is to the full UK spec and comes with warranties etc etc. I cannot understand how the dealer can sell the car so cheaply. I guess it is some sort of import. Would I have trouble selling it? How can I tell if it is to UK spec? I have no part-ex so should I try to haggle the price even lower?

Any advice much appreciated.
Re: Cheap New Cars - advice needed - Neil
The Bravo will be replaced shortly by the Stilo and suffers from poor image and residual values. My personal experience of Fiats is one of poor quality and poor reliability.

I'd steer clear of this deal particularly because it's a 1.2 engine in a Golf-sized car.
Re: Cheap New Cars - advice needed - Ian Bishop
I had one of these as a company car over the summer, and the engine produces 80bhp (I think) which made it move plenty fast enough, and it enjoyed being revved too. However, although it didn't feel very well built, it was a pleasant car to run.
Re: Cheap New Cars - advice needed - ladas are cool
a local garage in gateshead has fiat bravo/brava cars starting from £5500, these are brand new cars, but i think these are horrible cars, i tried one a while ago, and it was brand new, but the stereo front fell apart in my hand, cheap junk.
Re: Cheap New Cars - advice needed - KB
My advice would be not to go for this, and as a rule, any new Fiat, but to look at the Yaris 1.0 litre if you want to pay that sort of money. Available discounted from Motorpoint Derby, or if you wait 5 months, direct from Holland at £2000 -£2500 off list.
Re: Cheap New Cars - advice needed - T lucas
Best thing about that Fiat,its not mine.Fiats are filed under the heading-Pointless Cars,why do they bother?
Re: Cheap New Cars - advice needed - Keith Stockdale
I had a FIAT Brava as a hire car for 3 months and thought it was fine, but they dont hold value well

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