Best Hot Hatch Ever ! - Steve G
I'm puzzled.
Why can i not sale my 306 GTi6 ?
It's been advertised in the Autotrader and various online sites but there has been no response.
It's a R/97 (later shape) with 53'000 miles and full peugeot history, Black.
The Price £ 7250.

Price guides say: ( i know these are useless but anyway....)
Parkers £ 8150 private sale
What car £ 9350 private sale

I thought i would be fighting people off for this car with its glowing reputation and sensible price but i was wrong.

Any idea's

Steve G
Re: Best Hot Hatch Ever ! - ian
Take the price you think is fair and deduct £1000. In this day and age R Reg a mainstream make with a fair few miles won't make over £7000, take anything over £6000 IMHO.
Best Hot Hatch Ever ! Really? - David Lacey
Exactly! Every private individual (including me) OVERVALUE their cars.

What Ian says is very true.


Re: Best Hot Hatch Ever ! Really? - T lucas
To dear, lower the price.
Re: Best Hot Hatch Ever ! Really? - Jonathan
People are very reluctant to buy a car from an individual for that much money, if it goes wrong they can lose it all. They would rather pay over the odds for a dealer's car and have the peace of mind that they have some comeback. I tried to sell my audi coupe (new shape) using autotrader and had no luck whatsoever, in the end i had to sell to a garage, bottom price but at least i sold it.

Aint folk strange.

Re: Best Hot Hatch Ever ! Really? - Novice Car Buyer
I'll give you 3k for it!!!
Re: Best Hot Hatch Ever ! Really? - ladas are cool
i will give you £3001 for it ;-)
Re: Best Hot Hatch Ever ! Really? - John Kenyon
ladas are cool wrote:
> i will give you £3001 for it ;-)

Please please - no bidding wars!
Re: Best Hot Hatch Ever ! Really? - honest john
Speed Cameras is the main reason why you can't sell this car. Twin Towers is the other. These days people will buy bargains and they'll buy status, but they won't pay good money for a mass market used performance car, especially with the Government's prattish obsession to slow the country down. The guides have been way out of whack ever since September 11th which has exaggerated the usual autumn/winter downturn. Go back through my weekly auction reports 3 - 4 weeks and you'll find out what 306 GTi-6s are makeing at the block.

Re: Best Hot Hatch Ever ! Yes, Really! - Steve G
I'm not convinced speed camera's would affect the resale of this car.
Why is every manufacture on the Hot Hatch band wagon ? , and they are getting faster and faster e.g honda civic 190 bhp.
I would accept the terrrorist attacks have reduced people's desire to spend.
Auction prices seem to be 6000-6500 but these will no doubt be in poor condition bodywork wise.
So i will have to re-advertise at £ 6995 .My local pug dealer wants £ 9250 for a similar spec car as mine !
I have never had problems selling cars in the £5000 - 8000 price bracket before privately. Particularly Alfa Romeo's which many people said would not sell but sold within a few weeks.
I'ts a odd market !

Steve G

It is the best hot hatch- NO question about it.
Re: Best Hot Hatch Ever ! Yes, Really! - Jonathan
Why not sell the car to that dealer then?

If he wants £ 9250 for one, then he might give you £7250 for yours. Save yourself loads of hassle with tyre kickers too.

Its worth a go at least.

Re: Best Hot Hatch Ever ! Yes, Really! - ROBIN
Youre still doing it ,arent you?
you've been told what its worth,and why,yet you still think you can buck the market.
The only cars that dont sell are those whose price is too high.
It might be quick,although,as I recall,you wouldnt want to be chasing Porsches in it.But its 4 years old,an old body shape and model number,and totally without class or cachet.
its also only of minority interest,being very much not a family car.
If you get a third of its new price youve done well.
Re: Best Hot Hatch Ever ! Yes, Really! - Steve G
I'm not bucking the market.
Simply looking at what other sellers are pricing their cars and then adjusting the price accordingly.
You will not find another GTi6 below £ 7000 with similar spec in the ex mart or auotrader.
The Auction price £ 6000 - £ 6500 would trade price so 6995 would be a fair price privately.As mentioned earlier dealers still ask £ 8500 - 9500 for a simsilar car.
And no it wont pass Porsche's in a straight line but on a twisty A-road it could give some supercars a hard time ( check out EVO test's ).

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