Blackwall Tunnel - Rodney

Has anyone any idea why there does not seem to be any warning given to the constant closure of some lanes or tunnels in the evenings at Blackwall? Twice this week I was caught in jams heading south through the tunnel because they had a contraflow in operation. Why don't they warn of this work? As I could always use the Rotherhithe tunnel as an alternative if I knew in advance, like probably a lot of other motorists as well.

Re: Blackwall Tunnel - Andrew Hamilton
See the recent blockage for 30 hours of the M4 both directions because police would not tow away motorcaravan with loony gunman inside holding child hostage.
Re: Blackwall Tunnel - Ian Cook
I used to get stuck in jam for the Blackwal tunnel quite regularly, when I lived in Kent back in he eighties.

We reckoned that the police had no interest in warning of jams ahead because they were happier if they knew that all the cars were parked in a queue, rather than tearing off down side streets looking for a rat run.

It's probably the same today with motorway closures. The M4 incident at the weekend is a little different (in that it was a human, not a motoring, tragedy) - and at least the authorites had diversions properly signposted (I was travelling east). Mind you, 3 lanes (Westbound) of traffic over 8 miles = an awful lot of cars "nicely tucked up for the day".
Re: Blackwall Tunnel - Ian Chandler
The Tucking Funnel, as it is often known, is a constant source of misery to people who live or work in east London. It can cause long traffic jams at 3am. This is often because the people who operate it see fit to clean its walls - a time consuming process that must cost a fortune. I've never understood why they bother - nobody is ever going to touch the walls and an awful lot of money could be saved if they were hosed down perhaps once a year.

There is also awful congestion every couple of weeks when the Limehouse Link is shut at night, for three nights on end. Does anybody know what the tunnel keepers do when the tunnel is closed? A tunnel doesn't really do much other than exist - it shouldn't need to be shut very often. I wonder whether the tunnel keepers rent it out for drag racing, or hold huge disco raves down there

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