Clutch Changes - Paul Robinson
In the answers to my Mondeo v Rover 600 question (still haven?t come to a decision by the way!) several people mentioned the matter of Mondeo clutch changes. I know from the car-by-car guide that the Vectra is also criticized for having complicated and expensive clutch changes.

Purely out of interest, are other similar fleet/family vehicles from the last few years just as troublesome regarding clutch changes or have some manufacturer succeeded where Ford and Vauxhall have failed, in this respect??
Clutch Changes - David Lacey
Sorry, DJW, but I find that anything French seems to be a nightmare to replace the clutch!!

Yes, the Mondeo is not nice due to the subsequent re-alignemnt of the subframe

Re: Clutch Changes - Alvin Booth
The Vectra Haynes manual says that the clutch components can be replaced by removing the transmission.
HJs car by car breakdown suggests clutch replacement is an engine out job.
Anyone had any experience of renewing the clutch on a Vectra.
Re: Clutch Changes - David W
Yep add the Xantia to the pig/major cost list.

I've said before but the dealer selling my own Xantia TD thought it needed a clutch and happily dropped £600 off retail to avoid the job.

Re: Clutch Changes - Dan J
Chatting to the guy working on my Cavalier at Grasmere Vauxhall in Crewe who as far as I am concerned make a pretty good and efficient job of car servicing, he said that the engine doesn't actually need to come as much as be propped up, however he reckoned it usually takes about 6 hours. Not nice at franchise dealer rates - I am contemplating a Vectra myself and if I do I'll be very careful on the clutch! I bet you could get an independant place to do one for half what a Vauxhall garage would charge.
Re: Clutch Changes - ROBIN
Given correct usage yer modern clutch is capable of 150k plus,so no manufacturer is going to care a fig how long it takes to replace it.
In fact,the converse,because it makes more work,hypothetically,for their tame dealers.

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