More b****y Mondeo woes - Bill Doodson
God, but I hate that Mondeo!!

Still trying to get a good price for the collapsed cat so the car has been laid up for 2 weeks or so in the garage. Wife went out in the Panda and I had to get the kids to a firework party tonight about 1 mile away. Left it to late to walk and they wont all fit on the Blackbird, so thought take the Mondeo it'll be ok for 5 mins. Battery so flat the clock doesnt even work. Kids wont take no for an answer, so root out the old battery I kept when I scrapped the Passat months ago. On with the jump leads and it starts first time. Well done Passat. I wish I had sold the Mondeo to pay for the MOT repairs to the Passat.

God but I hate that Mondeo!!

Re: More b****y Mondeo woes - David W
How much are you prepared to pay for the cat, which model is it??

Re: More b****y Mondeo woes - honest john
Bill's got the triple cat 24v.

Re: More b****y Mondeo woes - Dan J
That's gonna hurt...
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Re: More b****y Mondeo woes - Ben Chapman
Why do you want to replace the cat, will the car not run without it?

Re: More b****y Mondeo woes - Dan J
Won't go through the MOT without it though! Different car but I'm starting to wish I'd got a pre-cat carb Cavalier as once all these smart-alec emissions systems play up (which mine has) they are impossibly difficult or expensive (or a helpful combination of the two) to put right.

I think the days of keeping an old car in the road by maintaining it yourself have long gone. I remember the old days when I had the Maestro and took every single stupid emissions device off it and it ran perfectly and cleanly for 70k miles - I don't think you'll see 15 year old cars on the roads by about 2005-7 in regular use at this rate: Can you imagine a modern day car with it's cat, engine management, idle control valves, exhaust gas recirc etc etc still all functioning properly in 15 years, 150k down the line? I can't remember who said it on another thread but it's got to a stage where it's cheaper to replace the car than repair it...
mot's for cars. - ladas are cool
bring the car to me, as i will give you an mot (no questions asked, wink wink, if you know what i mean) :-)
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Better than that - can you imagine a car which relies on electronic stability aids and special tyres to stop it from turning over (Smart Car, Mercedes A Class) at 15 years old, with half the electrics out of action, running on Romanian budget radials up front, and well-worn remoulds at the back? Presumably the MOT test will have to incorporate testing of electronic stability aids, but it's hard to see how that can be done.
Re: More b****y Mondeo woes - ladas are cool
probably get the owner to drive the car around in circles, and see if it topples over.

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