Seized nuts and bolts - Pete
I am a Classic Car enthusiast and would like a few suggestins of how to remove seized nuts etc in a cramped position e.g the REAR of a brake assembly. (or Brake bleed nipples with rounded corners ??)etc etc ?
I know all the normal ways such as correct size spanner !!/ penetrating oil/heat /nut splitter /hacksaw /grinder but what about those inaccessible positions?
Re: Seized nuts and bolts - Alvin Booth
Hi Pete,
I think you have named all the ways of removing seized nuts.
I have spent many hours trying different ways.
Heat as you mention together with penetrating oil is a good way spraying the oil on when the bolt is hot hoping that capillary action will draw the oil in.
If you can get a good pair of mole grips fixed really tight and gently rock each way in turn sometimes does the trick.
A good few whacks with a soft faced thor type hammer sometimes helps provided of course that there is no danger of damaging the casting or whatever the bolt is screwed into.
One point about heat is that as you no doubt know is that different metals expand at different rates and usually its the parent metal which you are trying to expand.
We used to use a oxy-acetylene torch with a small nozzle focussing on the part we wished to expand. And then try to tighten before loosening.
Nothing much to help Pete as I'm sure youv'e tried them all.

Alvin Booth
Re: Seized nuts and bolts - John Slaughter
Heating to red heat with the oxy/acetylene torch, and then quenching in water usually allows rusted nuts to be undone, but not easy behind brakes etc I admit. I can only suggest using a very small nozzle on the torch.



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