Ford Transit (?) based luxury mini-bus thing. - David W
Does anyone know what I mean by a Ford Transit based mini-bus/people carrier thing. It has luxury trim, a hatch door at the back and sliding side door.

The engine is a 2.5TD. About 1997 build.

Could be called a Tauneaus??......or something like that.

Any experiences of this vehicle...maintenance or riding in/driving experiences. How about anyone who knows how these engines last?

Customer looking at one as an alternative people carrier.

Re: Ford Transit (?) based luxury mini-bus thing. - Mark S
Seen a few about, they are called Tourneo.I would imagine they share the same pros & cons with a normal Transit.
Re: Ford Transit (?) based luxury mini-bus thing. - Mark (Brazil)

Rent one first and try it. The following link rents & delivers them, although you might be too far away.

Re: Ford Transit (?) based luxury mini-bus thing. - Mark (Brazil)
> Dave,

I know, I know, I meant "David".

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Re: Ford Transit (?) based luxury mini-bus thing. - peter todd
sounds like your thinking of a *95* model, 1st built late 1994, has slopeing front bonnet, with smilely grille, doormirrors with wide view glass below main glass, all important canned drink holder in dash & vents in upper half of rear corners.

I think tourneo may mainly be based on under 3500kg gross weight models(190's). 95's are better handling than previous models & larger models had rear axle pushed further back puttingweight onto the front axle which with bigger/wider tyres grip better when into a full blown emergency stop. (earlier range just locked up in the wet for a pastime)

steer clear of anything with twin rear wheels unless you poodle along, they fit lower ratio diffs which make motorway work noisy & guzzles fuel (2.0L pinto petrol engined pre 95 twin wheel 190 hi-top allways fully laden to 3500kgs used to chalk up 12-13mpg!)

early 95 2.5 turbo diesels had a bad name with some dealers-depended on the drivers usualy, some early non turbo 2.5s fitted with bosch injection pump can have a spring in the pump break, modified spring & setting up pump + parts can range from £200-£650 (not inc labour), if when you start one from cold it make a hell of a rattley diesel knock & is a bit quiter when hot, then your springs ok!

watch out for power steering pipe under sound deading material below air cleaner, it lays in water & rusts away. exhaust emission tests can be tricky, 2.5 engines with the "bunch of bannanas" inlet manifold has exhaust gas recirculation (egr) & cokes up with soot bad cases need the inlet manifold & butterfly decoked to get through, but running on city diesel for a couple tankfulls helps scrape through.

over all not too bad a beast!
Re: Ford Transit (?) based luxury mini-bus thing. - Darcy Kitchin
Scared by the awful prospect of owning a Synergie?
Re: Ford Transit (?) based luxury mini-bus thing. - mike harvey
Ah, a PTV! (Posh Transit Van)
Re: Ford Transit (?) based luxury mini-bus thing. - David W
Thanks all.

Yes Mike it was a PTV in all senses, posh laid over rough rather than posh from the design stage a la Espace etc.

Thanks for the detail Peter. This wasn't a bad vehicle for the right buyer (semi-commercial) but I was put off on several counts. The interiot had a high level of wear for the mileage, with no history you can take that either way. My Ford contacts said the injector pumps had given them some problems and, beign electronic, they "couldn't do anything with them". A bad sign was a gallon can of oil lodged in the engine compartment....sign of a careful owner or an oil burner? The fact that it was £2.99/gallon 20/50 tipped that case to the negative. Lastly it felt too much like a transit for nearly £10,000! Compared with the choice of a proper people carrier at that level it just didn't "feel" the money.

And Darcy if we could find the customer a clean, historied, decent colour Synergie 1.9TD tomorrow they'd have it. See the thread I've started today at the top on this.


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