speed cameras. - ladas are cool
i have just seen a bright orange speed camera, its near morpeth, i thought that all speed cameras were dark so you dont see them, but i was amazed to see this one. i will try to find out the name of the road, so that other people can go along and see it.
Re: speed cameras. - AndyS
Devon and Cornwall have recently put black and yellow stripes on their speed cameras, to increase visibility. I suspect the Chief Constable may have done it to keep revenues down, and thus any suggestion that the Police should look to speed cameras as the future area for funding of budgets, instead of Government providing.
Re: speed cameras. - Cockle
Funnily enough spotted only this afternoon our local plod with their crafty little portable roadside cameras now have their vans decorated with nice red and yellow stripey tape all over the rear ends. So, be warned, if you are in Essex and wonder what that van with the strange paint job is doing stuck in a bus-stop on double-yellows then watch out for the nearby camera.
Re: speed cameras. - Jetjockey8
A speed camera near Morpeth is probably going to be on the A1 - probably the one in Cramlington. I thought new policy was to make these things more visible so this may be the start
Re: speed cameras. - ladas are cool
i also saw a speed camera, that was dark green and was very well hidden, but that one is near blyth, at the end of furnace road, near the top of bebside furnace road, its a steep bank that alot of people speed along.
Re: speed cameras. - The Growler
Let's all go along and see the new orange speed camera on Sunday afternoon, shall we? Ooo, yes, Dad can we please, please Dad can we? Why not, Mum can make some sandwiches and we'll all have a jolly good day out! Ok, Mum? I'd love to dear, it'd be lovely to get away from the kitchen sink and do something really interesting for a change.......better get there early though, there's bound to be lots of people wanting to see it.....

Cue to local police force for increasing revenue: paint cameras new and ewxciting colors, announce them in the Daily, get floods of interest in the Back Room, then sell tickets to excited visitors.
Re: speed cameras. - Chris
Better still, why not sell pictures of cars NOT speeding to their owners? "This is the back of my car on the A1 near Stilton. And here's another on that trip we had up the M6 north of Preston. Here's a lovely one on the M4 near the Severn Bridge. What a lovely sunset." Could do very nicely, I think, and liven up that after-dinner slump in the conversation. Another glass of Port old man?

Re: speed cameras. - Andy
Why not set up your picnic in the picture area of a busy speed camera? Every time it flashes, you appear on the photo, and you can demand copies under the freedom of information act. If enough of us did this every weekend, think of the hassle it would cause them!
Re: speed cameras. - richard turpin
If you drive in reverse fast enough, it cancels the previous tickets you got going the right way. This means that the faster you go (backwards) the more money you make.
Re: speed cameras. - Mike Wolstencroft
Oh dear, it's all got rather out of hand - they were only a success while it was being conducted at the 'sneaky shooting-fish-in-a-barrel level' - now with all this political correctness, the damn things are going to cost more in manpower and finances than they will ever actually earn - game over.

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