More MIA cars... - Mark (Brazil)
I would have put this in the "Endangered Species" thread, but since Martyn *still* hasn't sorted this place out...

Car accident today in Rio, nothing unusual there but it involved an pristine looking Chevette and a Ford Consul.

Well, it interested me...
Re: More MIA cars... - Stuart B
"but since Martyn *still* hasn't sorted this place out..."

Just because Ronnie Biggs has left are you trying to be the next renegade loose in Brazil?

Re: More MIA cars... - honest john
Martyn can't "sort this place out" until he gets the money to do so. How much he gets and indeed whether he gets anything at all depends on how much money the site can generate and whether it can generate any money at all. I am holding a meeting with my business partners responsible for this next week.


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