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I claim the record - spencer the artist
the longest string of answers that is.... following my being rude about cat converters the other day
Re: I claim the record - vin
Nope, I got 85 for a discussion of driver training vs speed cameras, and mine wasn't even the record.
Re: I claim the record - ladas are cool
chris watson's are quite long threads ;-)
Re: I claim the record - Andy
perhaps we can make this one the most banal replies record and string it out a while?
Re: I claim the record - Gary Blunt
I will go olong with that. Only another 80 or for the record!!
Re: I claim the record - Andy P
79 and counting....
Tomo is current holder - Stuart B
Sorry Spencer not even in the top ten.

Here is the top half dozen pop pickers, subject to the site thread counter vagaries

1. Tomo when he was Alex Dick with Why do they hate us :- 93 replies
2. Vin with Safer Driving :- 82
3. Mark(Brazil) with Martyn delete if you want :- 73
4. Marcus with Motorcycle Madness :- 69
5. Dave with Bikers should be allowed :- 66
6. Darcy with Tools or not :- 65

Now I will put the anorak away and consider using Statto as my new login name.
Re: Tomo is current holder - Tomo
He never really got an answer, either!
Re: Tomo is current holder - Bob H
One more
Re: Tomo is current holder - Robert Major
This was how Auther Scargill got voted 'Man of the Year' on the Radio 4 listeners poll a few years ago

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