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Stolen Vehicle Register - honest john
Got something new to try:

Apparently it contains, or will contain, a comprehensive directory of stolen vehicles by VIN number. It's run by ex-plod.

But the site is in development and I couldn't get into it tonight.

Lets all keep each other posted as to whether or not it's working. Maybe we can help it work.

Re: Stolen Vehicle Register - richard price
It appeares to be up and running this morning
Re: Stolen Vehicle Register - Dave
honest john wrote:

>Maybe we can help it work.

Are you suggesting we all steal a car to get the site started? ;-)
Re: Stolen Vehicle Register - Richard Hall
What about an abandoned vehicle register? It would show the model and exact location of all the old cars dumped by the side of the road. Then you could find the appropriate model nearest to you, drive over there and nick bits off it.... The police seem quite relaxed about leaving these cars sitting by the roadside for a month or more, and a completely bare bodyshell would be a lot easier for the authorities to dispose of than a heavily vandalised vehicle with the wheels missing, which is what they have to deal with at the moment. Perhaps I can get Government funding to set the scheme up?
Re: Stolen Vehicle Register - Brian
I would like to see a national police site where all stolen vehicles are posted by registration no, description and VIN number as soon as reported.
I am sure that the army of small boys with computers and WAP phones would have them located in no time.
Re: Stolen Vehicle Register - Mark (Brazil)

> .....and WAP phones.....

"WAP !" - the noise your telephone makes as it hits the trash can.....
Re: Stolen Vehicle Register - Bill Doodson
Its working now at 22.30 but no car info that I could see.

Re: Stolen Vehicle Register - Darcy Kitchin
Couldn't see anything at all 12:30 pm 10/10/01

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