Low sulphur diesel - Nick A
The "stab" as in stables and the horsebox is pulled by a K reg Toyata Land Cruiser 2.5TD.
Saw your comments on injector pump failure (Fiesta Oct 6)and wonder if adding 1 cc of SAE 30 to each 1 L of diesel fuel whould not solve this problem. Comments (but not as to the greeness) would be appreciated.

Re: Low sulphur diesel - Andy Bairsto
why not use normal diesel or is it not possible to buy it in the UK.
Low sulphur diesel - David L
Adding oil to Diesel fuel will have no benefit to the fuel injection pump. It will only serve to clog up the injector pintles and cause inefficient combustion.
A good quality diesel fuel additive added once a month or so would suffice.

Re: Low sulphur diesel - honest john
The answer to possibly duff diesel is Miller's DieselPower Plus. (Phone number of stockists in The Scratchpad on this site.) This contains a lubricity enhancer to help lubricate the pump; a cetane improver to give a better burn (more power, more completely burned fuel, better economy); and a detergent to help keep the injectors clean. Greenergy's ultra low sulphur City Diesel contains a lubricity additive called, I think, Paradyn 631. The case in yesterday's paper was just one case. It doesn't mean that all low sulphur diesel is dodgy.

Re: Low sulphur diesel - Nick A
Many thanks for replay will act on your suggestion.

Found Dave N's reply very interesting and having seen them being operated in Southern Africa on very strange fuel mixes, decided to go for the Toyota as vertualy bullet proof. And it has been.

Again my thanks.

Nick A
Re: Low sulphur diesel - Dave N
I believe that Toyota use the same pump across the world, unlike some manufacturers who fit cheaper pumps that need better lubrication depending on the country of destination. Therefore, you shouldn't run into any problems with this, as the pump is designed to run on extremely poor quality diesel found in places like Afghanistan (topical bit there). This is also the reason your pre-heater light only stays on for a nano second, as they are designed to get it started in extremely cold climates, and you probably also have a radiator blind that is used to increase warm-up times in Siberia and the like.

Having said that, a good quality addidtive will not do any harm.
Re: Low sulphur diesel - James
Is there information somewhere on which low suplhur diesel is OK?
Re: Low sulphur diesel - Peter McLean
Re: Sulphur Jet City (DT Oct. 6) - Honest John's reply is quite alarming since we always buy our diesel at Tesco and had (until now) been reassured by the sign on the pumps saying that the fuel "conforms to BS EN ..." . I felt that by conforming with British Standards, all aspects of the fuel were 'trouble-free' - including any question of "lubricity" - apparently you believe that this is not the case. What do Tesco think about the possibility of millions of regular clients acting against them through Trading Standards for £1,000++ damage to engines?

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