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new fully synthetic oil product - Mike Wolstencroft
Found another fully synthetic oil which Caldo Oils Ltd have launched - Multispec
SynTec 5W/40 SJ/CF4 at £53.00 plus VAT for 25 litres. Oil spec exceeds API SJ/CF and SG,SH,CE,CF. Also meets Daimler Benz MB 227.5, 228.0, 228.1., VW 501.01, 505.00, and CCMC D5/G4/PD -2. Also exceeds ACEA A3/B3.
More (?) info from Caldo Oils Ltd, Worsley Brow, Sutton, St. Helens. WA9 3EZ
Tel: 01744 813535
Fax: 01744 816031
Web site:
Re: new fully synthetic oil product - ROBIN
Its the B3 rating that matters.
You can get B3 deisel specific from Auchan in France,fully synth. for about nine quid per 5 litres.
What we all await is the B5 stuff,anyone any info?
Whilst I'm on this.......if any of you are so idle and stupid as to have your cars unserviced by a franchised dealer.......make sure you supply the oil.
That way you dont pay about thirty quid for five quids worth of oil and you know whats in the sump...........possibly.
Doesnt appy to VW PD engines,or first services,arguably the worse the oil is for the first 20,000 miles the better.
assuming you dont do less tan 20,000 miles a year,that is.
If you DO,then,two points:
a)Its cheaper by taxi
b)you are not driving enough to maintain core competence at the wheel.
I am not a sales rep.or an HGV driver,but I know that these are the safest people on the road.
Remember the lady who asked a New York cop how to get to Carnegie Hall.
His answer?
"Lady,you gotta practise"!

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