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here's a funny thing, on starting up my engine (3.9 petrol, 1991 vintage) there seems to be a "windy" noise which increases in volume/pitch with the revs. Girlfriend claims not to notice anything different, but ah! I know about these things. (Paranoia over engines, that is.)

Could it be the fan has decided to start up as soon as the engine starts? I thought it did that anyway. Have I got a leaky gasket maybe? The exhaust fumes are clear, not white or black, and performance seems normal.

I might take it to Landranger services in Atherton, great for advice, but parts a bit pricey. (Compared to my favourite scrapyard)
Re: range rover strange business - Dave N
You useally get a fair amount of 'roar' as you rev it up, even from cold, when in theory the fan shouldn't be doing a lot.
Re: range rover strange business - David W

I wonder what type of fan you have....fixed, viscous, temp controlled or electric?

If fixed, or a seized viscous one, the roar/hum of air in these large blades is very loud.

On the older petrol land Rovers, with large fixed blades, the fans often make a noise as loud as the engine when you rev from idle.

What type of artist, or shouldn't I ask?

Re: range rover strange business - ROBIN
I dont wish to be gratutously objectionable,but why dont you take the whole sorry mess to the scrapyard?
I,ve always thought that the concept and David Bache styling of the Range Rover to be absolutely seminal.
I have also thought that everything else about the vehicle to be utterly abysmal to the point of beleiving that it must be wilful.
It has a superb(for its day-long past) v8 engine,pointlessly spavined.
An excellent long travel suspension concept limited by bloody cart axles,
a perfectly rigid,if a bit angular,body design,plonked on a crude ladder frame
that belongs to the 1930's.
I know WHY it was done that way(cost) but that doesnt mean it was right,and it certainly doesnt mean we should revere it,even if noboby can be arsed to do it much better.

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