Discovery - John
It appears to me that the Land-Rover dealers I am looking at have Discos without service histories up to date (in one case the most recent service hasn't been done and it is 9k overdue) but they are being marketed as FSH.

In all cases, FSH equates to the stamped book rather than any supporting documentation.

In certain cases the cars have problems that will need to be rectified before sale, yet they are on the forecourt - and I am sure that had I not spotted the problems, they would not have been pointed out.

This is undermining my confidence in the L-R dealers concerned. Am I alone in feeling this way? Does FSH merely mean a stamped LR book, or would you interpret it as being a set of invoices too?
Re: Discovery - Matt Kelly
Depends on whether the stamps came from the dealer that's selling it or not.
If they did come the dealer selling the vehicle then could they not provide some other documentation such as computer printouts from their records or let you see the records on screen ?

If it didn't a quick call or visit to the dealer that did do the servicing should sort things out.

Either way a car with a service 9,000 miles overdue hasn't got FSH has it ? Unless they define FSH as a history of every service that's been ever carried out on the car - which isn't the same as a history of every service that is required to be carried on that car.
Re: Discovery - Tony
Buy a Mitsubishi or a Toyota Landcruiser and you wont need to worry about a service record.
Re: Discovery - Dave N
I think some of them mean it's fully serviced, ie it's had it latest one done.
Re: Discovery - Stuart
I am sorry that all my postings seem to be negative but here I go again. Who would want to buy a Disco? Its an old design, badly executed and known for poor build quality. With everyone riunning away from gas guzzlers big 4X4's have never been cheaper and your selection is vast. As Tony says get a Toyota Landcruiser. You can get a very nice one for £8K and anything over £15K is top of the range luxury cruising. Just watch out for dodgy imports from Dubai. Landcruisers are virtually indestructible and I would happily buy one without FSH as there is so little to worry about.

Must be more positive next time.
Re: Discovery - Dwight Van-Driver

Take the advice of one who was bitten and is now nearly broke. Keep away from a Disco. They did not head the list of the most unreliable for nothing.
Be warned,
Re: Discovery - spencer the artist
you could go for a range rover, there are loads out there, the old shape is at rock bottom, and believe me the ones in auto trader are for the most part overpriced.

I did come across loads of dealers (independent arthur daley types) who said "service history? you dont need one! all range rover owners look after their cars." amazing how many of them seemed to be "just under" 100,000 miles too.....
Re: Discovery - David W

Just to even the balance a little.....

If you need a Discovery for towing, off-road ability or horsey image they are a great vehicle. The older basic 200TDi without too many toys is my favourite because there are parts/servicing specialists everywhere who will cut a rake from main dealer prices.

If you are going for a modern, monster tyred, leather seated job for "the flash" and road use I may take the advice above and go Japanese.

Re: Discovery - Dave N
Having owned both vehicles, I can honestly say that LR products are a bit flimsy, but the basics are usually fairly good. Parts are generally cheap and plentiful, with lots of main dealers even having tons of stock (though that seems to be changing with the introduction of chrome and glass in the showrooms), a good image, and lots of specialists about. The diesels are a bit weak.

Land Cruisers are better built, but DO go wrong. Mine's had a steering box, radiator, a/c compressor, parts are hideously priced and never available off-the-shelf, the ride is not too good, and you look like you should be towing a fairground ride. The diesels are good, and depending on model, you can have locking diffs all round, so if you do serious off road, you may need them. Prices are also sky high, compared to LR stuff.

You pays your money and takes your choice, as they say.
Re: Discovery - Kev
John, do you really need a 4x4? If you need an off roader eg. you're a farmer, buy a Defender.
If you want it for towing, I think you would be better off with a Subaru Legacy/Forester, any Audi Quattro, or any other 4x4 estate.
Sorry if you arn't actually thinking about buying one.
But anyone thinking about buying a 4x4, don't, unless you really need one for its practically, as they are bricks, they drink fuel, and they are slow, o, and they are HUGE yet have no leg room.
Re: Discovery - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)

Nothing specifiaclly to do with Discos, but I have long held the view that a fully stamped up service book does NOT constitute a FSH, especially if it just happens to be fully stamped by the selling dealer. It is easy to buy a new service record book for any vehicle, and not too difficult to get it stamped up even if you are not a dealer - just find out where the service receptionist for an appropriate dealer drinks !!

What I want to see as a FSH is a set of Invoices showing work done and parts fitted - for business/tax reasons these are more difficult to invent/backdate - and also corresponding MoT certs to verify mileages.

Regards, Adam
Re: Discovery - ROBIN
If all these people need to drag two tonnes of boat up 45 degree inclines why is it that,living in Cornwall where that sort of thing is occasionally necessary,I dont spot them doing it?
And would it not be cheaper to purchase perfectly normal vehicles which are not only silent and economical,but also have steering which is safe on bitchumen?
and employing my services as adviser in how to extract big boats from the sea with perfectly ordinary,roadsafe ,2wd vehicles?
at fifty quid an hour I'd be a bargain....
And,yes,I HAVE driven rather a lot of 4wd vehicles.....i should be extremely pleased if I never drove any more....but I wouldnt mind a go in the new big BM.
But I do actually own a biggish boat.
As for the rest of you ...I am able to report that a 20 year old Metro was seen successfully conquering the evil slopes of my local Tesco at 6.30 this evening in a foul wind with driving rain.
No doubt the apparently 14 year old blonde driver was exceptionally accomplished.Shame she stalled it at the roudabout at the exit.
Re: Discovery - Simon
My advice would be steer away from any Land Rover. The latest Discovery is just as unreliable as any of it's forebears, with the addition of extra electronic half baked trickery, I've spent the last two years running backwards and forwards to my dealer.

If anybody is considering a Defender Tomb Raider they should read the latest edition of LRM, where the list of rectification works needed to a new one would make you weep.

LRs are for company car owners and 2nd car playthings for the rich. If you are neither of these, they will break your heart. If you must have one, as suggested, buy a noisy rattley and rusty (they all are) 200tDi. At least you can fix it yourself on weekends.

From a now very satisfied Landcruiser owner. RIP Land Rover, all that's left is the name.

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