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Used car prices - Bill Doodson
Hi guys, my company is offering one of the families private cars for sale, so one owner, Peugeot 106 1.4 XRD 3 door, FSH, metallic green, 127000 miles, Jan 1994 on an L, 12 months MOT, no tax. How much is it worth? What will it do to the gallon? Any major issues with these cars, I know nothing about Pugs except they have a wheel at each corner?

Also the mother in law has on old Polo coupe on a B plate with less than 30K on it, again owned from new, 4 speed box, serviced every 12 months or so no rust (that can be seen) any ideas on a price for this?

She is also looking for a new smaller car than the Golf they currently have (they are a VW family). As they are both getting on a bit I have suggested the Yaris Verso for ease of use (getting in and out of), reliability and general VFM rather than go to a Polo again or Lupo. Any thoughts on this suggestion?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Used car prices - Piers
Very low mileages appeal to some people and so do old Polos so you might get a couple of hundred. But I suspect you are into about £150 - £200 teritory, with an MOT ('bangernomics' valuations apply).

The 106 will be worth a bit more - if you know the history and it's been well looked after it might be worth some money, but well under a grand. They will have a problem shifting it to anyone else with that mileage (I've just sold a small car and everyone is after below average miles and there's a lot of choice at £1000), and so will you if you intend to re-sell. But if it's still in good condition you can figure if it's lasted so long and feels OK it must be a good one!

Re: Used car prices - Chris

These are fantastic cars. The one I had for a while did 60mpg (+/- depending on the driving), cruised happily and fairly quietly at 70-75, and was great fun on the twisty bits. The engine should be good for another 50K if it's had the proper oil changes (I'm assuming XRD always means diesel). I'd be a bit worried about other bits and pieces wearing out, but these things are absolutely perfect for students and other young penurious folk. I would start high (800?)and work the price down if it doesn't shift. I bet it does though. Might be worth putting 6 months tax on it to make it more appealing on the page.

Re: Used car prices - Andy

I would be interested in the Polo, if it is anywhere near Leicestershire.


Re: Used car prices - Marcus
these Polos will run forever - We had Y reg one in the family recently and the only thing not right was a slight oil leak into the distributor. the 1300 cc coupe is reasonably quick too. you should ask £395 - as for the pug, although there is no room for anyone over 5'8 ask for £ 1195

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