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actual vs official mpg - dafydd tomos
is there a source which publishes 'actual' mpg figures - witness the recent post on the vag 1.8 T engine. 'actual' seems to be around 25mpg, 'official' combined around 34mpg. ??
Re: actual vs official mpg - Andrew Smith
It was probably a bit flippant of me to throw that one in with no backround information. My mileage is mostly town and some A-roads. My A4 does achieve 30mpg on long journeys.
My personal best is 34 mpg when I was stuck following a friend at 60mph. All these figures are averages given by the trip computer and when I've compared this to the manual mpg readings its been pretty accurate.
I was however a bit miffed that it didn't come close to the published figures as had I known this I might have gone for a six pot instead.

I used to look to the figures in the back of autocar for realistic mpg figures. There was always a note next to them to say that "some owners may experience greated fuel economy as these figures include performance testing".
Re: actual vs official mpg - Dafydd Tomos
I wonder if fleet comanies which supply cars and fuel keep a record over 12 or 24 months to give the actual mpg over a long period?
Re: actual vs official mpg - aahbarnes
My Golf 1.8T does 25mpg around town, but I do like the sound of that turbo whistle!

Re: actual vs official mpg - Steve
Check out cars you have used in the past in what ever magazine prefer,and then adjust accordingly for the one you are intrested in.

Re: actual vs official mpg - Andy
Went to Wales recently in my Rover 200/25 1.8 iS petrol. I couldn't believe the economy of about 48mpg, so I repeated the same run. Same figure!
I wasn't driving especially carefully, the roads were a mixture of motorway (70+) and country A roads (50+), so I was quite impressed!
Around town it seems to do about 30mpg, but I haven't checked it properly.
Re: actual vs official mpg - Brian
You have just demonstrated the environmental benefits of keeping traffic moving rather than trying to discourage car use by forcing it to sit in jams.
Re: actual vs official mpg - Bob H
The low consumption of the VAG 1.8t in Daffyd's post is surprising unless it is in a hard driven A6.

The 1.8T in my Golf averages 32mpg.

I do about 50 miles around London during the week mainly at rush hour; according to the on board computer that averages 18mpg and 9mph!!

The weekend round trip is 330 miles (240 on motorway) and averages 36mpg.
I plead the 5th on the speed for those trips.

I find the manual (brim to brim) consumption is close to that of the computer.

During the petrol shortage last year I drove much slower than usual and didn't find it improved consumption by a significant amount.

I would have thought mpg in the high 30s would be achievable if you didn't drive the car like a GTi.

Interesting to see what other 1.8T owners get.

Bob H
Re: actual vs official mpg - Ray
I have a 180 bhp 1.8t A4 avant quattro ,which is used for mainly 5 mile to work and back trips , i get about 26 mpg plus on these jorneys , on a motorway run if i do 80 i will get round 31 mpg ,at 65mph i will get about 33 plus. best ever 35mpg ,i calculate it costs about 3mpg for the 4wd losses , well worth it.
from habit i check economy brim to brim and always find the trip computer within 1mpg accurate. i record my mpg figures eversince trialing a magnetic gadget claimed to improve economy , it didn't work .
the thing is with modern cars built for safety and good handling weight is unavoidable , if you have a car just short of 1500 kg with a powerful engine which you often floor then they will use fuel (the rover mentioned is very light)
i looked at a v6 but they gobble fuel looking at the combined figure.
Finally i find the modern goverment mpg figures acurate , ie the combined is what i expect on a run , the local is always low by about 2mpg in summer nearer in winter,
Re: actual vs official mpg - Bob H
Given you have an extra 30bhp plus 4Wd and a heavier body than a Golf that is pretty much in line with what I would expect; and much better than the earlier posts.


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