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\'91 Golf 1.6 clunking when accelerating. - Jimma
I have a MKII 1991 1.6l Golf Driver.

Very soon after its MOT, it has started making a single clunking noise seemingly beneath the driver\'s side footwell when accelerating from a stop.

It\'s definitely when applying max torque i.e. in first gear (even when pulling away gently). I know cars can clunk when CV\'s are shot, but the steering is not a factor.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Yours, gratefully,

Why's my Golf clunking?! - No Do$h
Could be that your calipers are not retracting on the front brakes.

I shall post this to the Technical thread in a minute.

No Dosh
Why's my Golf clunking?! - Jimma

I thought it may be the driveshaft.

It would definitely be better if that were the case. Easy to check/remedy?
Why's my Golf clunking?! - Jimma
Plus, if that were the case, it would happen after each time I had braked, wouldn't it?
...which it doesnt.
Why\'s my Golf clunking?! - No Do$h
Ah. Having read the initial post I got the impression it was when you pulled away after every stop (ie. braking).

Hmmm, over to the more knowledgable bods around here, me thinks.
Why's my Golf clunking?! - pmh
Whilst it could be anything diff, drive shafts, front suspension or brakes related, dont forget to check the front engine mount. Notorious on GTis, but quick to change and not too expensive. Other engine mountings are possible but less likely.

(Check by pulling away slowly with the bonnet open, and a 3rd party watching, (from the side!) for engine movement.

pmh (was peter)
Why's my Golf clunking?! - Jimma
Could be the caliper actually. Stopped the car on the handbrake and when pulling away it was reluctant to make the noise.

How is the problem remedied?

Why's my Golf clunking?! - Drew20
new calipers are 100 quid a pair from the dealers (approx) when you give the old ones back to them.
Alterantively, take the old ones apart and free them up. Replace the rubber slider seals and the pvc inserts and scrape/file all teh rust out of the holes through the caliper where the slider bolts sit.
take care not to round of the allen head slider bolts when removing them, you'll need a good quality 6mm allen socket

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