MB E Class - Martyn
Have you noticed some very cheap E Classes at Trade Sales? They are "old model" - presumably pre the 4 headlight model which makes them 4 years old or from strange market. Any ideas?
Re: MB E Class - honest john
Yes. Apparently this shape continued to be built at MB's South African plant for a few years after production ended in Europe. But South African readers say even South Africa has now switched to the current shape. MB does not warrant these cars at all, so if you buy one you buy it on a Trade Sales warranty.

Re: MB E Class - Bob Harris
Trade Sales had very cheap E220 MB 2 or 3 years ago and when I enquired they told me they were assembled in India.

Re: MB E Class - peter
They had some about 6months ago, apparently assembled in India for Singapore (RHD?). The give away was a I think a 2.4l petrol engine, badged as a E 240 that I believe was never used in Europe.
Some MB expert will probably give a fuller answer. Spares might be a problem if this what they have now.
I am told they all sold very quickly, I guess the taxi limo trade would be an ideal home, where the punter likes the Merc imaage. Will anybody recognise what they are on the 2nd hand market in 5 years?

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