rangerover c/locking and idling - spencer the artist
the thing is, the central locking has just packed in althought the doors still lock individually. Can I continue to live with this, or is it a sign of worse to come? I seem to remember that there is a separate ecu for central locking???

and, in damp weather (this could be a coincidence) when I start it up sometimes the revs just sink down to zero and it conks out. After a minute or so of running there isnt a problem, although (there's always an "although") the idling is a tiny bit uneven and there is a slight flat spot on first accelaration. There is a firm in warrington called camco 88 who will diagnose an injection fault for £60 + VAT, but again is it something to live with, or am I looking at the beginnings of something big and horrific????

thank you in advance gentlemen
Re: rangerover c/locking and idling - mike harvey
there is an ecu for the c/locking under the dash drivers side.
Re: rangerover c/locking and idling - Jon
I can recommend Camco. They are very good at what they do. Ask for Guy.
Tell him Jonathan told you.


Re: rangerover c/locking and idling - Dave N
There's an id;e control valve on these, on the inlet manifold. They call it a stepper motor, about £70. I changed mine, but it made no difference!
Re: Thin wires - Dave N
You may have to get used to dodgy wiring, as they used incredibly thin gauge wiring to save weight, therefore all usual wire corrosion problems occur earlier than on other vehicles. Plus, all the 'extras' were added as they went along, that's why you have relays and fuses all over the place.
Re: Thin wires - Andrew Hamilton
Agree. Check by using a meter that wires to doors are continuous. Faults can be due to electrical connections going green and non-conducting. I use Servisol or WD-40 to spray with. This costs nothing to do but does take time!

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