Passenger Air Bag - Fiat Marea - Tim Gardner
Through my work I have a Fiat Marea Weekend Leased to me.

I ordered the standard model which should not have an air bag on the passenger side, it came with one but I thought no problem I will get it dissarmed if the wife gets pregnant.

I now need it disarmed as my wife is expecting our first child and for our use, baby will have to travel in the front at times.

Asked the main dealer who says it can not be dissabled, Fiat have confirmed this verbally to me.

Can't send the car back to Fiat as I have had it 15 months.

Lease Company wants £1400 from me to send it back early.

Can't believe it can't be dissabled.

Thanks for any sugestions
RE: Passenger Air Bag - Fiat Marea - Honest John
Dear Tim,

In the circumstances the best thing you can do is push the passenger seat back as far back as it will go. This might locate the child seat out of range of the inflation zone of the passenger airbag.


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