Nissan Sunny Front Suspension - MarkSmith
Hi folks,

A friend's Nissan Sunny makes a slow tapping noise as you steer. Does it whether you're moving or not. The reason is that as you turn the steering wheel and the bottom of the spring moves with the road wheel, the top of the spring doesn't move round smoothly, but sticks until the tension in the spring is too much and then "pings" round.

Can anyone tell me...
Should the top of the spring rotate freely, or is it supposed to be fixed? How's it supposed to work?
If it's supposed to rotate freely, any idea of what could be causing it to stick? Does something just need lubricating? (What?) And any way I'm likely to be able to get to the relevant bit without removing the whole strut (which looks quite awkward).

Much appreciated!

Nissan Sunny Front Suspension - Aprilia
Yes, its supposed to move smoothly. You do have to remove the stut to grease or renew the top bearing. Obviously on an old car renewal is unlikely to be economic, so maybe a bit of grease will help the problem for a year or so.


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