'Fire Risk..' - P.Mason {P}
A gem from a recent edition of 'The Week', a news digest:
'Roger Bugg's Ford Escort was properly taxed, legally parked outside his ex-wife's house in Somerset and had new tyres.
But when a traffic warden spotted that two windows had been left half-an-inch open, that was reason enough to have it deemed a fire risk.(Open windows, it transpires, allow children to drop matches inside.) After 24 hours, police towed the car away and had it crushed. They said that they had tried to contact Mr Bugg at his registered address in Kent.'

What would Back Roomers' reaction be to this happening to their car?

'Fire Risk..' - No Do$h
I would look for an open window at the local council offices and bribe small children to drop matches in.
'Fire Risk..' - pdc {P}
I think that all the street cleaning vehicles in manchester must have fallen foul to this. that can be the only explaination as to why the streets and doorways are full of litter, a fire hazard in itself.
'Fire Risk..' - Peter D
I don't beleive the story, Pounded yes, but not crushed. very suspect story. Regards and Festive Good Wishes
'Fire Risk..' - Dynamic Dave
I don't beleive the story,

Tis true you know.

'Fire Risk..' - helicopter
We went through this report in my recent thread on dumped cars.

It was also reported that the owner had left three grands worth of tools on the back seat under a couple of old jackets IIRC.

It was reported in the Sun so it must be true.

'Fire Risk..' - DL
That's absolutely crazy, in Somerset aswell!

Now where did I park my car earlier? Better go and check the windows......
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