X Type Jag. - Cheeky
Anyone got any personal views/preferences on the Jaguar X-type?

After drawing up a shortlist of cars in this class, I originally thought an IS Lexus would be a good idea. However, due to fidgety ride and the fact that an all new model arrives in 2005 thought I ought to consider the small Jag.

Thoughts on reliability etc. much appreciated. I think the 2.5 SE Auto would be the best all-rounder for my needs.

X Type Jag. - matt35 {P}
Had a 2.5 SE Auto in BRGreen - sand leather - full size spare wheel - for over two years now.
Minor niggles at first- - leaking washer jets, soon fixed.
Dealer service excellent.
Town driving about 25mpg - long runs 32/33mpg on Optimax.
I still enjoy it every drive - have a look at jagtalk and the x type message board - the early glitches seem to have been fixed according to these USA owners.
X Type Jag. - matt35 {P}
One example of the great dealer service - they could not fix my brakes..so they made the horn louder!
X Type Jag. - bugged {P}
have no idea about reliability, but we hired a ford focus last time we were in scotland and they had run out so for £60 for three days we got a brand spanking new (12 miles on the clock) x-type, it was quite possibly one of the nicest cars i have ever been in!! it was nicely made and well put together, the stereo was amazing and the interior was lovely!

The most impressive bit thought was the handling. it was fantastic!!! there were three of us so we all got to drive and
I must say i was suprised, i didnt expect it to be so good but i would seriously consider a jag next time I change (early next year)

X Type Jag. - Roger Jones
I'd be interested in comments from anyone (HJ?) with comparative experience between the X-Type and a top-spec Mondeo. From everything I've read, there's not a lot between them except for price.
X Type Jag. - bigbiff
be wary with residual value on x type - had someone in recently - car dropped 12k in 1st year!!! if you buy one , make sure you keep it -or at least get good spec, ie auto not manual - leather a must as well.
X Type Jag. - bugged {P}
my dads mondeo was terrible, the worst car he has had by a long shot, however it wasnt top spec, id rather pay a more and get the whole jag experience. I am not a ford lover but id buy a jag, silly yes i know but its that time of year!!!

the build quality of the two jas we had was fantastic, things were put together properly.
Basically, fords and jags are both built by fairys its just the ones putting the jags together have training first!

X Type Jag. - Honestjohn
In reply to Roger, there are road tests of both the X Type and the current Mondeo on this very site.

X Type Jag. - matt35 {P}

I half expected that HJ would have gone for the Mondeo and slagged the Jag....instead, he has referred you to the road tests on both cars to help you decide.

As someone posted on this board last week - this is one of the most objective and informative motoring websites on the net.

I bought the X Type, at 61 years of age, as I think it is probably the last motor I will buy - the residuals still look good to me - much better than I expected.

If I was driving a Mondeo, I would probably love it as much as my Jag - I still miss my Citroen XM Turbo Diesel Auto - if Jag do a Diesel with an auto box next year, I will put my wife back on the streets.

We, fortunately, have different aspirations, at different times in our lives - read HJs' report on the X Type Diesel.

X Type Jag. - PhilW
"I bought the X Type, at 61 years of age,"

Speaks volumes for the reliability anyway!!(Sorry!)

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