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Rear screen wiper kit

Does anyone know of a rear screen wiper kit for fitting to a saloon car? We're fed up with poor visibility.

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If you have problems with water beading on the glass, try polishing it with Halford's Intensive Glas cutter to remove any waxes or rain repellants, and then wash the car. After you have completed your normal washing routine, wipe the rear window over with a cloth and some dishwasher rinse aid diluted in water. This will make the water merge as a film on the glass rather than beading and covering the glass in shiny highlights of drops. I don't think you will find a retrofit wiper anywhere.
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I know several saloons had these as standard, from memory the Ford Orion mid 90's and some Mk1 Mondeo saloons?
It is possible but I don't know of any official accessory kit.
You would be able to get the parts from a breakers from one of these cars with a standard fit wiper, but unless yours is the same model you will have to find a way of making a hole in the rear screen to accept the wiper spindle, or perhaps in the metalwork just below the screen if there is room.
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My wife's 306 Sedan also has a wiper as standard, and I have often wondered why this is not standard fit on all saloons, but I have never seen an accessory kit.

I may however know the answer to the latter: I recently asked a local glazing shop to grind a hole in the top glass shelf of my HiFi unit, so I could easily hang a cable tidy. They replied to say that they couldn't, because the glass had been toughened. If they tried, it would shatter.

I guess the same would apply to most car rear windows. If the glass is going to shatter, there's no market for wiper kits.

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