Bulbs - autumnboy
I've been looking at another Website forum and a chap has asked the question : what causes a bulb to go black after a short time, IE: tail lamps. A fault or quality??

Curious to the answer as no one has yet answered to the question.

Bulbs - Sooty Tailpipes
Impurities burning and depositing on the inside?, I find Haldords 10w rear tail-lamp bulbs always do this, but Ring ones don't so it is probably a quality issue. I have complained to halfords about this.
Bulbs - Civic8
Probably quality.ie the filament in a bulb is a press fit into the power connectors to each side of filament.unless thing`s have changed.there is also the gas used in the bulb which is there to cool the filament.I am not certain of this but would assume I am correct in that the gas filling in bulb is not up to the correct pressure.which will mean the filament tends to burn at a higher temperature than it is designed to.so causing premature burn out of filament.there are other possibles including the seal in the back of bulb.it isn`t always down to electric`s on the car.
Bulbs - Dynamic Dave
Sounds like a poor connection, which means the bulb is running at too low a voltage, which then causes the filament to carbonise.
Bulbs - Civic8
As most check out the connections to the light cluster`s at least I assume so.And the problem seems to occur on cheaper bulbs it may not be down to the connection`s apart from inside the bulb.apart from complain to manufacturer what can you do.except pay more?

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