More silly lights - paulb {P}
Several threads recently on blue lights in various odd places. Saw some yesterday evening that capped the lot:

Blue rear number-plate lights.

Why, please?
More silly lights - Sooty Tailpipes
Becoz it is well bad.
More silly lights - paulb {P}
That figures - guess he must have fitted them to impress his Julie... :-)
More silly lights - Dwight Van Driver
Definately a no no.

Schedule 15 RV Lighting Regs explicitly states that colour has to be WHITE.

More silly lights - AdrianM
Saw one a couple of days ago which appeared to have two small, red LEDs actually on the rear number plate where the screw heads might be. In the dark this effectively obscured most of the number plate. Must look out for some next time I'm in Halfords kiddie driver section.
More silly lights - PhilW
please keep us informed 'cos they would look wicked on my Berlingo.
More silly lights - THe Growler
Our latest fashion: blue turn indicator lamps in clear lenses. Try seeing them when the sun is in your eyes.

They do have one saving grace. Their owners tend to use them to show they've got them whereas about 90% of Philippine drivers either don't use turn lights or have them but they don't work.

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