Audi ignition coils again - Aretas
It is well known that the current 1.8 engine has had many failures. I believe that there is now a recall in place to replace them with an up-dated design.

I thought the 2.0 engine was immune to these problems (either because the coil design is different, or maybe because it no so highly stressed as in the turbo engine?). However, my Jan 2001 2.0 car recently had a coil fail.

Does anyone know how common coil failure is on the 2.0 engine? Are replacements a like-for like replacement or are they modified to eliminate future faults?

Audi ignition coils again - borasport20
However, my
Jan 2001 2.0 car recently had a coil fail.

do you mean it had THE coil fail - the 1.8T engine uses coil packs (1 per cylinder), the 2.0 engine has a coil (1 per car)

or did it have a HT lead fail ?

Audi ignition coils again - Aretas
Borasport. The warranty invoice says "Replaced No4 Cylinder Ignition Coil"
Audi ignition coils again - borasport20
do you have an engine code ? - for instance, the 2.0 in the bora is tha APK engine, and it should be on the vin plate or in the service book somewhere.

historically, with the 1.8 engine, the coil packs were supplied by a german supplier (brevi, it think the name was), and they began to experience failures on 'real' cars that hadn't shown up in testing, and there was a big supply problem - stories in the uk and states of cars being of the road for 2 months+ because there were no replacements, dealers stripping coil packs off new cars to supply customers, etc ,etc. There were definitely cases of coil packs going, only the defective coil being replaced because of shortages, then another pack coing weeks later, However the design flaw was supposedly fixed (I believe that H series coil packs were superseded by 'J' series), and if a car turned up at a dealers with a problem they were supposed to replace all four coil packs, not just one

My experience was with a 2.0 bora, which had an 'ignition unit' and 4 ht leads - no coil packs. The plug ends of the HT leads have metal shrouds, which several VAG independents have suggested exascerbate problems with the HT leads.
Also one of the independents I dealt with was not convinced by the warranty invoice I had that claimed the lambda probe had been changed only a few thousand miles before, and having seen the probe he did replace, i'm inclined to agree with him, particularly when I remember that when I asked the dealer to return parts they replace at my expense, they 'forgot'

dig that engine code out !

Bora - what Bora ?
Audi ignition coils again - Aretas
Borasport. The car was definitely running on 3 cylinders. VIN is wauzzz8e42a182765. Engine no alt 069110
Audi ignition coils again - BobG
Not totally familiar with the Audi situation but a year ago one of the four coils on my Renault failed. I had to have all four replaced with a different make ( Nippon I think to replace the Sagem coils ). The RAC chap said that he had seen this several times on VW, Audi and Renault vehicles and that all coils shoould be replaced. The main dealer agreed and replaced mine free of charge.
Audi ignition coils again - Matt A W
Had a coil pack go on my 2001 Golf 1.6 recently. It also has individual coil packs for each cylinder with not a spark plug or HT lead in sight. The car is an import and well out of warranty but VW replaced this free of charge without argument as it was a 'known fault'. Seems the coil pack issue extends well beyond just the 1.8 engines.

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