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I DO hope I've not posted this before; I don't believe I have. Apologies in advance if I have (but nothing matched on the Forum search, so I did try).

If you want a clear and cogent explanation of how an autobox works, you can do no better than to look at

It may not be 100% suitable for children.

Autoboxes: humour - No Do$h
Now there's a site worthy of being added to my "favourites" listing.

Absolutely superb!
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Now there's a site worthy of being added to my "favourites"

... along with sniffpetrol...
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Excellent, Dipstick.

I also took the opportunity to study the history of Iraq and Afghanistan and learn the rules of cricket whilst there.

"Who Wins?
The winning team is the one whose members are still conscious after five days. In the event that both teams remain conscious, Australia wins."
Autoboxes: humour - Dipstick
Glad you liked it.

The slightly (only slightly) worrying thing is that a number of American websites are pointing at the Newton's Laws section as being a valid educational resource. And emails keep coming in from Germany and Poland and places saying "Can we use the discussion on fibre optics in our course please?"

Goodness me.

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