Knocking 306 - was8v
My old (93) 306 makes a knocking noise from the front nearside suspension when I drive over cobbled streets and speed bumps, anyone any ideas on what it might be before i take the spanner to it? is it reasonabley common / expensive to fix?
Knocking 306 - Hawesy1982
Its an anti-roll bar droplink on its way out.

Two types, plastic or metal, plastic one £9.50 from GSF car parts, metal one slightly more - get the same as whichever type you currently have.

Should be just two easy nuts to remove, but you will probably need an allen key to go in the back of the link aswell. WD40ing the night before is recommended - i ended up removing one of mine with the help of a hacksaw through the bolt!

While you're doing one you may aswell do the other side too, chances are if one's gone the other won't be far behind.
Knocking 306 - Andrew-T
I believe the front wishbone bushes are prone to wear too. That costs rather more - see recent thread about attempts to fit new bushes to old wishbones.
Knocking 306 - grae459
i have exactly the same problem. If you find that the drop links are ok. Then it is most likely that it is the anti roll bar p bushes and they are a ****** to replace.
Knocking 306 - DL
The P bushes are displayed in the Rogues Gallery of knackered car the link below to 2 I think.
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