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Petrol 'Magnetiser' - Peter M
Has anyone any comments(positive or otherwise) on the 'Econoflow' petrol treatment kit? It is reputed to magnetise the petrol, resulting in improved economy and reduced emmissions. Sounds good, but I wonder why, if it's aseffective as claimed, it's not fitted as standard on all cars.
Re: Petrol 'Magnetiser' - Dave N
I think you've answered your own question!
Re: Petrol 'Magnetiser' - Martin
Hi All

I just had one fitted on a "sale or return " loan from a pal that has started selling them.

On a mark 3 Golf TDi which I "brim" when setting the trip it has shown the mpg on the first 2 fills to be 55mpg and 50 mpg.

Usually I get a figure in the high 40's and sometimes ,but rarely, 50 mpg.

The Golf is a 90hp model and it has the AHU series engine. My previous indentical TDI with the AZ series engine regularly showed the same results over 60,000 miles from new.

Therefore no firm results yet.

I did post an enquiry about these magnets on Freds TDi forum and the (mainly) US postings were very scathing. "snake oil" and "multi level marketing" were some of the printable comments.

Really I just wanted to know if it worked but it seems to bring out a very vocal reaction from folk.

Hasten to add that I do NOT sell them nor am I a member of any MLM scam.

Has anyone actually tried one for a long period ?

Re: Petrol 'Magnetiser' - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
See the many previous posts on these products. HJ himself has made some "colourful" observations regarding these "devices"
Petrol 'Magnetiser' - David Lacey
IMHO, they are a complete and load of utter tosh.

How 'alignment' and 'charging' of the monecules within the fuel improves engine performance is beyond me.

I do hear people singing their praises - I have to chuckle to myself when I hear the comments!

If they are that good, why don't the manufacturers fit them?

Ho hummm

Re: Petrol 'Magnetiser' - budu
I asked the AA techical service about these a few years ago. Useless, they said.
Re: Petrol 'Magnetiser' - Alvin Booth
Andrew has it exactly spot on even down to the advice of buying a diesel next time.
Top marks for you Andrew.
Re: Petrol 'Magnetiser' - Andrew Hamilton
Phychology. If you believe it works it does. Without realising it you drive more carefully as your mind is on the great economy you are achieving. As you paid for it you desperately want it to work!
Buy a diesel car next time.
I want it to therefore it will! - David Woollard

I think you're spot on here, the device may work but only because you make it work.

I posted ages ago about people saying how much better their cars went after a service. But I knew just an oil and filter change on a diesel wouldn't affect anything. What made the difference was dusting the interior, cleaning the lights - no plate - windows, and filling up with washer additive for that "just serviced " smell.

a cheaper version. - ladas are cool
if you really want one of these, go to or search yahoo auctions, you can buy them for about £15 from these sources.
Re: I want it to therefore it will! - Alvin Booth
Over a pint some thirty years ago I remember old Harold who used to have a garage in my home town telling me that his favourite ruse was to fit a weaker return spring on the accelerator cable.
Cor....he said, they think I have tuned their engines up and all that is happening is that its easier to press the pedal down.
He had retired then so his trade secrets could be revealed.
Bought him some work in though from lads who needed a bit more performance. Take it to Harold they used to say he's magic.....
Re: I want it to therefore it will! - Ash Phillips
I always find the cars drives better after I've washed it - I know it's psychological, but it still drives better even with me knowing that.

Re: I want it to therefore it will! - Ian Cook
I reckon that if you really could magnetise petrol then the people selling hose for syphoning would go out of business.

I wonder how much petrol I could steal with one of our fridge magnets?
Cleaner, faster cars - vin

Your car DOES perform better after a wash, Smoother surface = less wind resistance.

I read somewhere (18 or so years ago in a Lucas guide of some kind) that a polished car versus a truly filthy car at speed is 3% more efficient in MPG terms.


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