green camera - leerichmond21
what are the new green camera's that hang above the bridges along side the blue one's?
green camera - Sooty Tailpipes
They are spycams for the government.
They will read a chip in your numberplat which will be fitted to new cars next year, and all from 2007, It will also read the numberplate and have facial recognition to boot. Whoever thought Big Brother would drive a Galaxy?
green camera - zedzedeleven
s.t. please let this be a wind up. Although i don`t think it is. i noticed that a blue camera on a bridge over our local bypass has now changed to green. What about motorbikes that don`t have front numberplates (at the moment).
green camera - Peter D
They will read a chip in your numberplate, are you sure Sootie Tailpipes. The transmitted power required to excite the chip from that sort of distance would be a bit prohibitive and the chip in a number plate would require significant power to transmit the details back. That sort of unit would not be in the plate but in the car. Tell me more. Regards Peter
green camera - Bromptonaut
These seem to be replacing the blue sensors, not sure they are actually cameras, that provide the data for the trafficmaster network. On A5, north of A43 junc, the blue sensor has gone, suspect those on mways will go as well. ST believes there is a spy deal between traficmaster and HMG, not seen this story anywhere else.
green camera - Sooty Tailpipes
Yes, that\'s the plan, and trust me, that\'s just the TIP of the iceberg for what\'s planned, They will be sold to us as \"Smart Plates\" with benefits such as drive-through car tax booths, and supposed reduction in fraud, but really it is part of a growing network of databases and technologies which will interlink to control us. Meanwhile, David Beckham will change his hairstyle, so no-one will care and we\'ll all be happy.
green camera - Dwight Van Driver
In the fog at the rear left quarter of the grey matter is something that says HMG are currently trialling the very system Sooty mentions. Its not a chip in the numbner plate but one on the windscreen that acts as a reader.

Blast its all gone foggy again.

green camera - pdc {P}
Guys, I've been working IT contracts for local govt for the past 18 months now, and let me tell you, they don't know their a from their elbow. even if the chipped number plates are introduced, I bet it wont work for many years.
green camera - paula
Local authorities have nothing to do with the surveillance planned. This will all be worked out by international companies. Take another look at the link posted by ST - - or try the index page of this large web site for some more links to motoring topics including road humps aplenty, I believe RFID tags in numberplates can be read by bridge or roadside cameras - the chips are powered by picking up microwave power transmitted by the cameras - they do not have to be connected to a car battery!!
green camera - pdc {P}
Come on, look at how well the Passport Office computer system was implemented, or the CSA, or tax credits, etc etc. God help us now that the NHS IT infrastructure is being upgraded.

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