Best Thing To Unstick a Lock? - PoloGirl

Polo's boot lock is stuck and wont turn. I managed to get it to go the other day by ramming the key in really hard, and then it worked fine, but I'm guessing this is no good for the lock or the key.

I'm thinking it could be just dirt in the lock... what's the best way to sort it out?

Thank you!

Best Thing To Unstick a Lock? - Robin the Technician
Hi Pologirl,
Go to your nearest Car accessory shop and purchase a can of WD40. This comes with a thin plastic tube attached which is inserted into the nozzle. insert the tube into the lock and give it a couple of squirts. You will find the lock will operate freely again. It's called 'lack of lubrication'.

Hope this helps

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Best Thing To Unstick a Lock? - DL
Wurth [Electrical] Contact Oil is the best remedy, but WD40 comes a close second.

Add a drop or two of light oil after the lock comes back to life to ensure prolonged operation.
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Best Thing To Unstick a Lock? - Dynamic Dave

Everything you wanted to know about sticky locks and remedies can be found here:-

Best Thing To Unstick a Lock? - PoloGirl
Thanks all... I thought it might be a job for my dad's cure all WD40 so I'll give it a go later.

Best Thing To Unstick a Lock? - Cyd
Just don't forget to follow it up a few days later with some spray white grease or in a few weeks you'll be back to square one.

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