Beetles - mal
Whatever happened to all the left-hand drive Beetles that were on general sale in this country before the right-hand models rolled off the production line?

Have most of them ended up being exported? and of those left in this country have they depreciated a lot more compared to the right-handed models.

Beetles - mal
Come on you dealers on the forum, any answers to this one?.

Beetles - arnold2
I don't know where they are dealer-wise, but I have seen a few being driven, especially around the M25 area. Still, the depreciation must be a bummer ! Probably get more for it by drving it on the ferry to Europe !
Beetles - SjB {P}
<<< Still, the depreciation must be a bummer >>>

"Got an alternator belt for a Beetle?"
"Sure, sounds like a fair exchange to me!"

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