206 Vs Saxo - Chris Hewitt

I had an awful experience with a Renault when the clutch required replacing. The Renault authorised garage had to remove the entire engine in order to replace the clutch costing big money. I am now looking at buying either a 206 GLX (98s) or Saxo VTR or VTS (98s).

Does anyone know whether there is a need, like the Renault, to remove the engine when replacing the clutch. I know this is a weird question but the missus won't allow me to purchase a car only to have the same problems again.


Re: 206 Vs Saxo - Tom Shaw
Had a clutch replaced on a Saxo last year under warranty, fortunately, as the dealer reckoned it would have cost £378. I don't know if that involved engine out or not, but it seemed a bit steep to me.
Re: 206 Vs Saxo - Andrew Hamilton
Shocked at the cost of replacing a clutch. Reckon this would exceed the trade value of my LDV van. Fortunately no vehicle I have owned has ever needed a new clutch. I understand there are people who do nothing but clutches and use special tools to speed it up.
French cars! - David Lacey
Most clutches on French cars are a nightmare to replace.
The CX 25 GTi Turbo requires the whole power unit out to replace the clutch - about a 15 hour job however skilled you are.

Ford's Mondeo requires the front subframe to be removed and set in position accurately to prevent steering 'pull' afterwards. Complicated or what?

Vauxhall had it right with the access panel in the bellhousing on some models back along.


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