Volvo S70 - How much to sell it??!!! - Phoenicks
Father in law has a Volvo S70 2.0 (think its a 10v). has 93,000 miles - 98/S Plate. Dark Blue, aircon etc. Great condition.

He's had it up for £4000 but cant sell it for love nor money. What will he have to do to sell it, without completely losing the plot money wise? How much do you guys think its worth?
Volvo S70 - How much to sell it??!!! - M.M
Dark blue can be a devil to shift.

Forgetting that and assuming this is an SE model the trade-in figure would be between £3200 and £3600 at this age/mileage.

Some folks don't agree but usually you have to shift a slow seller down to the dealer trade-in price to see it away privately.

Good luck.

Volvo S70 - How much to sell it??!!! - El Hacko
The market for selling cars privately has deteriorated in recent times and December, surely, is the worst possible time of year...? I have given up, after advertising my Lexus, 'til New Year.

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