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I've got a VW Polo P Reg (97) 1.6 Classic Saloon (100BHP)

I bought it in September, and its always been serviced at garages by previous owners. Now its my car - and its been almost 5k miles since last change - and seeing as I'm about to do a long drive through France next week, i've decieded to do a change of oil this weekend. HOWEVER (you knew something was coming!) the oil filter on the car at the moment is a very large diesel oil filter (according the local spares shop who had to check what I was going on about when I said that the one they sold me was too small!).

Yesterday when I was in Halfords I had a quick peek at the oil filter selection chart - and it listed 3 possible ones that it could be! Seeing as I can't go by the filter on the car at the moment - can anyone shed any light as to what filter I actually do need. I think that it is the 1F engine in this car if that is any help.

Thanks in Advance

Which Oil Filter for VW Polo Classic - Peter D
The big one is not correct and may have been fitted due to a shortage. It should be the 9 cm dia by 13/14 cm long one, there is a short version but that was for the older style Polo to avoid an alternator foul. But the real OEM from Eurocarparts.co.uk £3.95 plus vat. Regards Peter
Which Oil Filter for VW Polo Classic - kennybase
Thank you for the quick reply.

The VW dealer (I thought they would know!) eventually found out which one it was too - giving me a part number (O6A115561B), so I'll go and check that I have the right one - or get a new one!

I have to say, when I bought the car I did notice the filter and was shocked by its size - but assumed it was correct as it had been done at a garage! How foolish I can be sometimes!


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