Scratch repairs - Roobarrb
An attack by vandals has left deep scratches in the roof of my year-old metallic grey Ford. My dealer is talking re-spray, but I've seen adverts for firms which paint only the scratches. Many of these companies apparently work out of the back of a van. Has anyone used one of these firms? Can they really 'invisibly mend' paintwork?
Scratch repairs - Godfrey H {P}
"ChipsAway" did a god job with supermarket scratches on my car.
They are a franchise operation so quality may vary. Ask around in your neighbourhood.
Scratch repairs - madf
Your Ford dealer's second hand retail side will undoubtedly use a firm like Chipsaway or another to do that kind of job.

Why not fone them (not service or new sales, explain problem and ask who they use..(not recommend))
Scratch repairs - Chris M
Could not recommend Chipsaway from my own experience. Rubbish finish and you can still see where the scratches were. They are a franchise and other franchisees may be better. If you live in SE Hampshire then avoid!

Chris M
Scratch repairs - Godfrey H {P}
As I said you need to ask around. FWIW these deep vandalism scratches are now so common they advertise a special system for dealing with them. Whether is's any good or not is a another matter.

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