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Anyone got any advice or have used a Broker to purchase a new vehicle. I'm looking for a VW Passat and there are loads of brokers dealing with this vehicle. Never used one before and was looking for feedback from people who have done so.
Spoke with one last week, told me I would be the second registered owner of the vehicle ( am I right in assuming that this is an Import. have very competitive prices, has anyone used their services.

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I bought a VW through ukcarbroker - excellent all round.

After the initial call to the broker, all contact was with the VW main dealer, and all monies paid to same.

In fact exactly the same as going to a showroom without the hassle of haggling for the 15% off list price.

Can't speak for other brokers of course.....

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Thanks for that, seems to be an abundance of brokers willing to deal with. Only problem is, If you have never dealt with one personally, you need some element of trust.
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you need some element of trust.

Not really in my case B - all contact after an initial phone call to express an interest, was with the VW main dealer - I even phoned them back through VAG UK switchboard to check the number was genuine.

No money, not even a deposit, or any sort of fee, was paid to the broker at any stage - they must make their money off the dealer.

Best of luck whatever you decide....
Brokers. - Borafeck
Thanks for that, I'm trying to purchase a VW Passat, "Highline" 1.9TDi 130BHP. I have had varying quotes but when I tried to deal with a mainline dealer the price was just under £3,000 more to purchase.
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Never heard of drivetime but it may well not be an import; in fact most brokers now deal with UK supplied cars. In many cases, these will be pre-registered and the first owner is the dealer.

This means the dealer can control the 'demand' for the cars; they are also exempt from things like free insurance, and finally there may be penalties (irrespective of fair trading legislation) from the manufcturer for selling at too big a discount which wouldn't apply to a pre-reg.

Others to look at (may be pre-reg) are from this site and

Drivethedeal only deals with UK cars and you are always the first owner with them. They have an excellent reputation. Some brokers may require a deposit; if yours does, pay this on a credit card because this makes the credit card company jointly liable for the full amount if anything goes wrong.

If the car is to be pre-registered and you are not dealing with the main dealer, be a little wary and get it in writing that the car was originally supplied by a UK dealer before handing over any money.
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Presume you've seen it (?) but the News item offering Passats at £15,000 sounds worth checking out. And another one just seems to have appeared!
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I also bought through ukcarbroker. Apart from a brief phone call to acknowledge my order they appeared to have no involvement at all.

Everything else was done by the dealer. I was even able to use a combination of caller display and the manufacturer's web site to verify that the call was from a bona fide garage. The dealer took a smaller credit card deposit than the £500 quoted on the broker's web site and I received the car exactly two weeks after placing my order.
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Thanks to all who have replied to my thread, it is greatly appreciated.

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Highline is definitely an import. UK cars are badged S, SE or Sport. If you want a Sport the best deal seems to be the one prominently displayed on the right of this site.
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The Highline does get a mention on the VW UK site - leather seats, parking sensor and heated seats etc. The discounted Sport spec as advertised on the site gets the suspension upgrade which helps the handling.

Take your pick.....
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David, If you look on vw\'s site you will see the Highline model Identified and extra\'s that it includes.
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My mistake. However be aware that in other countries SE models are badged Highline so make sure it's not one of those.

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