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I have run out of REDEX Diesel treatment, can anyone advise where the cheapest place to buy this from.....

Last paid £12.99 for 1 litre (Halfords)

cheapest place to buy redex - No Do$h
Do yourself a favour and switch to Millers Diesel Power Plus. It typically sells for £6.50 - £7.00 for 500ml but gives a much better result than Redex. for stockists.

I use this on my car and at the recent MOT the smoke test results were:

1: 1.28*
2: 0.66
3: 0.65

The pass is 3.00.

These are on an engine with a PSi powerbox chip fitted, resulting in some overfuelling at higher revs, thereby producing a higher smoke reading.

*You will always get a bad first one unless you drove all the way to test centre at 4000rpm! The first run clears any cack still knocking around in your engine.

cheapest place to buy redex - Dynamic Dave
As well as NoDosh's suggestion, look out for Forte fuel treatments. You should be able to buy from most ATS garages, or main dealers, like Vauxhall, for example.
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tell your mrs to ease of on the gas
cheapest place to buy redex - No Do$h
Not sure I follow the relevance of that one.....
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