Which Convertible? - duncanfromdoncaster
Thanks for comments on the Audi TT (previous thread).

I'm looking to trade my FTO in this year for a convertible but I'm really struggling to decide which one. I've got 16-18K to spend and want something with a bit of performance (like the FTO), a bit of class and about 2-3 years old.

Any suggestions?
Which Convertible? - No Do$h
Honda S2000.

Reliability of a Honda.
Nice styling (the rear has been copied by the new BMW Z4)
Performance to match pretty much anything out there
Did I mention reliability?
Which Convertible? - owen
No contest - Lotus Elise.
Which Convertible? - carayzee
The S2000 is a great car, I had one for 10 days from the Classic Car Club and managed to catch a bit of winter sunshine in it.
The roof is so fast you tend to use it quite a bit, i.e. if it's not actually raining. Plus 9000 rpm with the roof off is quite an experience. I've had a ITR and an ATR and this is the best vtec car I've tried, really suits it.
The handling's fine, don't believe the magazines. Only fault is the plastic rear window, you can't see anything through it, and it's good to know what's behind you in such a fast car. Another good reason for having the roof down.
Oh and the ladies love it too, especially with red leather!
Other option is a Z3. I think they're a great buy at the moment. Mate at work just got a totally minted 98S 2.8 with all the toys for £12000. It's a lovely car. For your budget you could easily get an M Roadster or a 3.0
Which Convertible? - duncanfromdoncaster
Thanks all, particularly carayzee.

I had thought a lot about an S2000 but following a 49% hike in the insurance for my FTO I got a quote for an S2000 which was even dearer! Must say this put me off a bit.

Also considered a Z3 2.8 but was a bit worried about gas consumption (don't suppose your mate at work has a view on this carayzee?). Must say I do like the shape though.
Which Convertible? - carayzee
Yep - very good on fuel - he just got it last week (but bought it 500 miles away) and it refuses to show under 30 mpg on the computer. The thing with these engines is you can drive them so smoothly you get really good mpg. I wouldn't spend as much as £17-£18k on a 2.8 though. You should get a 3.0 for that or get a slightly older one for less. Preferably with a BMW warranty.
There are plenty coming on to the market now as people seem to be hanging on to them until the Z4 arrived, as was the case with the one my mate bought.
Which Convertible? - duncanfromdoncaster
Nice one carayzee, just what I wanted to hear. Most of my miles are done on the motorway so I thought I might get away with a bigger engine.

Just had a quick look at Autotrader online and trade, forcourt price seems to be between 14 and 16K for lowish miles.

Thanks for your help

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