Audi TT unreliable? - duncanfromdoncaster
I'm thinking of buying a used Audi TT. Trouble is, their online reliability index is dreadful. Obviously this is a bit worrying as I am thinking of buying one with about 50K on the clock. I'd be interested to hear any views on the reliability of the TT (good or bad) from any source, particularly current/past owners. Is it an unreliable car? Am I unwise to buy one with fairly high miles?

All information gratefully received.
Audi TT unreliable? - carayzee
It's probably the well known coil failures which give it the bad rating. Any older / higher mileage one should have had the coils swapped by now. Look in the car-by-car breakdown on the left <<--- for more info. It's not a pleasant read I must say! Get an S3 instead, much stealthier.
Audi TT unreliable? - No Do$h
You need to consider how much power is being stretched out of a relatively small engine and ask yourself how close to the limit that car is running. At 50k the stresses and strains are going to start to show.

Personally I wouldn't have one new either, but with higher miles it's a lot of bills biding their time to drop on someone's lap.
Audi TT unreliable? - PR {P}
A friend of mine has one, reliability has been OK, but he has had problems with the traction control, which took the dealer 6 months to sort out (after he complained to the manager about it).
Audi TT unreliable? - Burnout2
Friend has run a 225 roadster for the last two years, and had no reliability issues whatsoever. I wouldn't have too many concerns about engine life. The turbo obviously produces a very high output from a small capacity unit, but it's not a massively stressed engine, and doesn't need to be driven hard - although his does use a little oil.
Audi TT unreliable? - DavidHM
The latest VW/Audi reliability figures are down to the coil pack problem. The TT is worst simply because of the fact that they all (at the time of the survey) had the 1.8t engine; this is shown by the way that the most/least reliable models in the VW group range is almost entirely related to the percentage of models with that engine and thus the coil packs.

Look for one where the coil packs are either outside the affected dates, or have been changed, and you should have no particular reliability issues.

Of course, the TT is an overpriced, not especially exciting, obvious choice that is the ubiquitous transport of estate agents from Clapham unless they have a company MINI, but none of that makes it unreliable.

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